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2015 - 2016  SEASON

Paperwork will be due in June this year for next season.

Exhibition Drill Team - Spring / Summer schedule to be determined.

2014 - 2015  SEASON


We had many Individuals and our High School team qualified for Zone 1, Region 7 finals this year!   Excellent work by all as this is the largest ZONE 1 (and any Zone) ever assembled by IEA in their history.

We have two Middle School riders that have qualified for ZONE 1 Finals!
We are very excited for them and wish them the best at Mt. Holyoke at the end of March.

2013 - 2014  SEASON


Both our Middle School and High School teams have qualified for Zone 1, Region 3 finals at Dana Hall on March 1st & 2nd.  We have many individuals who have also qualified for Regionals. 

2012 - 2013  Season


We had two (2) Riders that moved through the Regional Finals and competed at ZONE 1 FINALS at Mt. Holyoke in South Hadley, MA.


Both our Middle School and High School teams have qualified for Zone 1, Region 3 finals at Dana Hall on Feb. 23-24.  We have many individuals who have also qualified for Regionals. 

*** Top 2 (upper) & Top 3 (middle) riders / teams moved on to Zone 1 finals ***

Our Season

We competed at 8 horse shows this year.  We hosted our first horse show and brought horses to a couple of shows this year.  We settled in with 15 riders: 7 on the high school team and 8 on the middle school team.  Excellent Year !

TEAM:  We have created two teams out of the inaugural Cranberry Equestrian Team; a North and South.  The numbers of riders has exceeded expectations and while individuals qualify and move forward to Regionals, Zones and potentially National Finals both coaches felt there was a missed opportunity for team riders since only one rider can be chosen to represent each class for the team.  Creating two teams doubled those opportunities.  It makes it harder to qualify as a team (fewer riders means potentially fewer horse shows to gain points; but if qualified it doubles the riders that get to move forward).  Welcome to new and returning riders, parents and families.  We are in Zone 1, Region 3 this year.

2011 - 2012 Season


The season was an overall success.  We were moved into Region 3 with many new teams (over half) so local shows was not a possibility as most teams did not need to host.  We on the other hand did co-host a show with Walnut Hill, a first for our team!

We finished up the year with 22 individuals qualifying for Regionals, the Middle School finishing 4th overall in our Region and 5 individuals moving on and qualifying for Zone 1 finals.

Cranberry Equestrian Team (CBR) is made of several students of Betsy Kupic (Willow Brook Farm) and Geraldine Burnet (Reunion Farm) both of Plympton, MA riding programs.  The IEA has redistributed its regions this year with so many new teams and we are now in Region 3, Zone 1.

As a second year team we are asked to host or co-host a horse show this season.  We co-hosted our first show with Walnut Hill on Sunday 9/25/11.  We learned quite a bit about hosting and possibly might host a show in the spring as we will be required to next year.

Thanks again to everyone that have supported this program and helped make it possible for these children to compete at such high levels.
We've shown at the following show:

                Date                     Middle School Finished           Upper School Finished
Regular    Sept 25  Walnut Hill                 3rd                                       6th
                Oct    9  Goodrich                   1st                                       2nd
                Nov    5  York (ME)                 1st                                       4th
                Nov  19  Oak Hill (NH)              4th*                                     5th
                Nov  26  Hunter's Ridge           5th                                       8th
                Dec    3  Windcrest                 5th                                      10th
                Dec    4  Holly Hill                    6th                                       6th
                Dec    4  River's Edge              2nd                                       5th
                Jan     7  Windstar                  8th                                did not compete                 Feb    5  River's Edge              4th                                       7th
                Feb   18 Windcrest                10th                                      4th
                Feb   19 Walnut Hill                11th                                      7th

Regionals    Mar 10 & 11 *      Walnut Hill    4th
Zones (1)   Mar 31 & Apr 1     Mt. Holyoke

* Middle School is qualified for Regional 3 Finals  (finished 4th overall at Regionals)

2010 - 2011 Season

United States Nationals - Reserve Champions 2011

   Cranberry Equestrian Team  Middle School IEA Reserve Champions       Upper Marlboro, MD

ZONE 1 CHAMPIONS  2010 - 2011 !!!

Cranberry Equestrian Team  Middle School IEA Zone 1 Champions

Cranberry Equestrian Team takes Champion at Zone 1, Region 2 Finals     March 5th

Cranberry Equestrian Team takes Champion at Zone 1 Finals                   April 4th

Cranberry Equestrian Team - 2nd in the Country FINALS  (Res CH)           May 1st


The Middle School Team finished in 2nd place (Reserve Champion) at the IEA Nationals in Upper Marlboro, MD.  With over 4,500 competitors in the IEA program and just under 500 at Nationals this is an amazing feat. 

Zone 1 is made up of 60 Middle School teams with roughly 180 total middle school teams nationally.

The Middle School finished 1st at the Zone 1 finals - receiving the award CHAMPION for Zone 1 2010 - 2011.  Zone 1 is made up of 4 regions throughout New England.  There are a total of 12 Zones in the country that will compete at Nationals.  Very Exciting and a tremendous effort by our students and families for all the hard work they have put in this year.

TEAM:  Cranberry Equestrian Team (CET) is made of several students of Betsy Kupic (Willow Brook Farm) and Geraldine Burnet (Reunion Farm) both of Plympton, MA riding programs.  The team is registered with IEA in the Region 2, Zone 1 district.

As a team we have competed at six (6) horse shows in our Region.  Zone 1, Region 2:
Regular Competition         Oct. 30       Rising Star
                                     Nov. 13      Dana Hall Riding Acm.
                                     Nov. 14      Volo Farm Equestrian Center
                                     Dec. 18      Mystic Valley Hunt Club
                                     Jan. 23       Dana Hall Riding Acm.
                                     Feb. 12       Hillside Meadows Equestrian Acm.
Region 2 Finals                 Mar. 5-6      Dana Hall & Rising Star
Zone 1 Finals                   April 3-4      Mt. Holyoke College, S. Hadley, MA
Nationals                 Apr. 27- May 1     Prince George Riding Acm.  Upper Marlboro, MD
Each rider is allowed to compete at a max. of five shows to gain points toward Regional Finals. 

The Middle School team qualified for Region 2 finals, Zone 1 finals and went on to win Reserve Champions at Nationals!

Many Students qualified Individually for Region 2 finals and two continued to Zone 1 finals.  Both Students (Briana & Danielle) qualified Individually for Nationals by finishing, 3rd and 4th respectively overall at the Zone 1 finals.  Congratulations!!!

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IEA Rules for 2010 - 2011 Season        Rules       Rules (with markup changes from lst yr)

2009 - 2010 Season

Willow Brook Farm participated with Stonecroft Farm to make up the Stonecroft Farm IEA Team (SCF).  It was a great experience for all involved and below is a list of the Willow Brook Farm participants.  The goal is to achieve enough points both as riders and as the team to compete at the Regional level and then move to the Zone finals and on to Nationals.  The Stonecroft High School team qualified for Region 2 finals.  Below are the individual results.

Name           Jumping Class            Flat Class                  Year End Results              Jennifer K.  Varsity Intermediate    Varsity Intermediate Flat     Region 2 finals                  Emily B.                                      Jr Varsity Beginner Flat       Region 2 finals                     Briana K      Future Intermediate    Future Intermediate Flat                                             Emily W.     Future Intermediate    Future Intermediate Flat     Region 2 finals                    Alexis K.     Future Novice X/C        Future Novice Flat         Region 2 finals, Zone 1 finals                                                                                          Lexi   (from Region finals)    Stonecroft Farm IEA '09–'10  points

Congratulations to all of the riders - it was a great year !!!